Me, Myself and I & Marketing

I’ve never really considered Marketing as anything I’d be interested in. I’ll Laugh at a commercial here, and glance over an ad for makeup there,  but never have I actually taken the time to think about how this commercial or advertisement came to be. In all honesty I didn’t have a passion for marketing until a year into my studies as a Digital Marketing student, but somewhere along the line I got hooked, and once I started thinking like a marketer, all of a sudden my view of the world changed.  

I realized how many subtle hints of marketing had been around me all along, and no, I’m not talking about the ads that pop up during whatever game you keep playing on your phone, I’m talking about how every person is unknowingly marketing themselves.

Have you ever heard the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”, well turns out just because you should not do something doesn’t mean you will not do something.

After attending a few Personal Selling classes and starting to pay attention to how I evaluate people, I came to the realization that every person is a brand, and every day that brand is being marketed by that person. After all, every Brand in the world can be seen as a person to whom you can assign specific traits, for example if Mercedes we’re a person, would it be a male or female? How would he/she dress? You have already started forming a picture in your mind of how Mercedes would look, based on how you feel about the Mercedes brand and what qualities you assign to the brand. If a Brand can be seen as a person, then a person can be seen as a brand.


When you make friends, you link yourself to other brands, when you decide to leave the house with dirty hair; you make a statement about your brand. Everything you do and say, from the way you talk, to the way you walk, to the way you dress, to the people you associate with, influences your brand.

So what is my brand?

 I’m a full time Digital Marketing student, still blissfully unaware of who I am and what I am capable of. I guess you could say I’m an evolving brand, marketing myself every day. I may not have it all figured out, but I can tell you this; Brand yourself or someone else will.



4 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I & Marketing

  1. So goed gestel. Ek vertel my personeel gereeld hoe hulle hulself aan kliente moet bemark. Gaan hierdie stukkie vir hulle gee om te lees. Jy is besig om jouself baie goed te bemark!!!


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