About Me

Who, me?

I have created this blog (Sharen van Lill Marketing) in order to connect with other Digital Marketing Students. My Blog will mostly be about marketing related topics and my perspective on these topics. This blog is intended to change the way people perceive marketing and to encourage other digital marketing students to share their perspectives. Digital marketing has changed my perspective on marketing in general and I hope other digital marketing students can relate to my blog.

I hope my Digital marketing blog encourages you to also write a blog on marketing!

Fun facts about me:

I do makeup after hours and I’m the proud owner of Gemini Makeup. Through Gemini Makeup I share my work, sell makeup brushes and have the chance to interact with people who also love makeup.

My family is my everything and love them to bits. We are a very close-knit family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world

  I sketch and paint in my free time and have always seen myself as an artist.

I am addicted to changing my hair colour. Apart from having been brunette and blonde, I have also rocked a few other colours such as red, purple and blue.

Winter is my absolute favourite season, what’s not to like about snow, binge watching Harry Potter (Yes, I’m a die hard Harry Potter fan) and Woolies Soup.


I’m quite a good shot, if you don’t mind my saying so. My interest in airguns began when my father opened up his own airgun  shop, AirgunworX. Since then, we’ve entered numerous competitions and use airgunshooting as a bonding activity, but we only do target shooting (no animals involved).img_5463-e

Sooooo, what now?

Follow me, duh?

Do yourself a favour and join me on my next great adventure, blogging.


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